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Wheels India is proud of its diverse workforce.

We value and respect the contribution of our women colleagues to our company’s growth and leadership in the industry.

Soar higher at Wheels India

Wheels India earnestly invites women to join our team. It’s our conviction that manufacturing need not be the exclusive domain of a particular class of people and could be an inspiration to have women in leadership roles. We are determined to break such myths and be an inclusive organization. We value the potential of individuals and believe in creating an inclusive environment through equal opportunities to all irrespective of their gender, nativity and background.
We invite women aspirants to to explore the exciting job opportunities available in manufacturing and support functions.

Our commitment

Our transparent, objective work culture fosters an inspiring environment for employees of diverse backgrounds. With fair and open policies, achievers are assured of a rewarding future.

Our clear and thoughtfully structured policies offer our women employees reassurance and trust, motivating them to excel at work.

Ready to shift your career into overdrive?

Wheels India’s policies place significant emphasis on making our work environment reassuring for our women employees.

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We’re constantly raising the bar on engineering excellence. Our research capabilities, manufacturing competence, and world-class facilities are perfectly aligned to deliver products of outstanding quality.