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Our well-equipped facilities and experienced tooling engineers ensure the fulfillment of the company’s quality and efficiency objectives.






Industry-leading competence

Starting with feasibility analysis, the tool development cycle incorporates the ideation and definition of processes, design of tools and gauges, and finalization of the specifications for the machinery and raw materials.
Graduates and postgraduates from reputed tool engineering institutes steer our design projects. With their exhaustive experience, they plan best-fit production processes and sequences involving press forming, spinning, flow forming, rolling, hot forming, hot forging and LPDC.
Our Tool Engineering is equipped with high configuration workstations running the latest 2D and 3D CAD/CAM applications, including Brics-CAD, UG-Nx, Creo, Hyperform, and Radan, to develop complex tool profiles. Design ideas and data are shared among all Wheels India plants through SAP for collaborative.
Our design automation techniques employ custom-built application programming interface for 2D and 3D tool development, shortening the lead time for new designs. Our patented inventions bolster the company’s manufacturing efficiency by improving the yield and maximizing resource utilization.

Perfect tools for perfect products

Tool manufacturing processes are planned in meticulous detail, considering the costs, time, and resources.
The latest generation of Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL) and high-speed, 5-axis Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) from leading manufacturers is used to manufacture the tools.
Tools are assembled and maintained in exclusive stores. We follow industry-standard practices for regular inspection and reconditioning. Tool life is extended with special coatings and monitored with SAP-based applications.

Expert tool engineering

Each product entails a purpose-built manufacturing strategy. With our experience and skilled approach to tool selection and process optimization, we’re geared up to tackle challenging design and development projects.
Our facilities feature powerful workstations with the latest computer-aided modeling and manufacturing software. Multiple CNC machines capable of handling up to 3000mm tools, and 5-axis CNC systems supporting up to 5mm tools enable a vast range of tooling processes.

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