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Our manufacturing units encompass integrated facilities for process design, planning, tool maintenance, material handlingand part production.

Quality and efficiency in manufacturing

Leverage the expertise we have gained over 60 years to build highest quality products.
Utilize advanced simulation tools and planning system to order material, synchronize manufacturing of components across passenger car, bus, truck, tractor, construction, earth moving and wind products through advanced ERP systems.

Proven manufacturing excellence

We have volume drive tool maintenance schedules to ensure high tool quality.
Our team is trained on the latest equipment and has proven experience across diverse production-line tasks, such as sheet metal forming, spinning, roll forming, cutting, flash butt welding andarc welding.
Team is expertly trained on material handling from raw material to inter stage handling of semi-finished goods and finished goods.
Ensuring the quality of products and processes is a pivotal element of the Wheels India culture. All our plants are audited and certified by international organizations, reaffirming our commitment to offering world-class products.

Production capabilities

To meet our exacting quality needs, we engage closely with our suppliers to co-create the required grade of raw materials. The supplies are chemically analyzed and tested for their hardness, yield, and tensile strength.
Our expertise includes press forming, roll forming, flow forming(spinning), component assembly and welding.
We leverage 60+ years of learning along with out-of-the-box thinking to continuously innovate our process to ensure we are producing the highest quality and most optimum part for our customers.

The team that makes us the leader

We focus on producing high quality parts over and over again. This ensures we retain the trust of customers for years and years.
We focus on producing high quality parts over and over again. This ensures we retain the trust of customers for years and years

President, Wheels India

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