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Forged Aluminum Wheels

Light weight wheels

Forged Aluminum Wheels

  • Width Range 7.5 - 16" inch
  • Diameter Range 17 - 30" inch
  • Load Capacity 0.5T to 3T
  • No of Bolt Holes 4-6
  • Passenger Vehicles

Manufacturing capability

Diameter - 13" to 30"
Width - 6" to 16"
Annual capacity - 150 thousand

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Wheels India’s Xlite range of forged aluminum wheels reflect our passion for creating innovative products to meet contemporary demands. The stylish yet sturdy products are about 40% lighter than steel wheels, ensuring lower fuel consumption, minimal tire wear, and enhanced riding comfort. The smooth contour and finish prevent the accumulation of dirt, making the wheels easy to clean and maintain while enhancing the vehicle’s appearance and value.

  • Proven experience - Wheels India is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of automobile wheels in India
  • In-house design, tooling, and testing facilities of international standards
  • Manufactured in state-of-the-art, digitized factories that track every single wheel through the production line
  • Made with high-quality alloy (6061) procured from world-renowned suppliers
  • Rotary-forged and spun from a single billet for high strength
  • Pre-stressed at critical points and heat-treated for superior fatigue resistance
  • Fully CNC-machined to ensure precise dimensions, trueness, and appearance
  • Offered in three finishes: machined, polished, and maintenance-free clear-coat
  • Robotic polishing for spotlessly clear mirror-finish of 1,400+ gu, with a protective coating for durability
  • Assured quality with 100% runout and unbalance measurement for every unit
  • Comprehensive wheel and tire assembly services
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Our commitment to quality, recognized by international audit bureaus and organizations.

Certifications from international audit bodies, affirming our commitment to quality

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