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Leveraging its world-class research and development facilities, Wheels India creates trailblazing products that exceed industry requirements. ​

Industry-leading competence

Our engineers passionately work to design and develop exceptional products, setting new benchmarks for high performance and quality.
Our laboratories and design studio incorporate all the vital functions of design, modeling, simulation, prototyping, and testing. This vertically integrated approach drives faster development and leads to higher quality products.
We follow a sustainable process to ensure our customers are receiving the best products. we collaborate with suppliers, academic institutions and private organizations to prefect our approach and products.
We strive to create products that offer outstanding value to our customers. With over 84 international patents, we continue to devise advanced techniques to build products of the highest performance.

Comprehensive design capabilities

Our engineering team has the experience and skills to create and optimize product designs that conform to stringent global standards.
Our R&D engineers have access to the latest tools for CAE, FEA, FD , material testing for flawless product designs.

Data driven engineering

All our designs are developed from over 60 years of data gathered from manufacturing, lab performance and field performance. This is then overlayed by design guidelines for each market/segment.
Our prototypes are made with a collaborative create approach. Deep integration of R&D, tool design, manufacturing a seamless process.

Design validation

Our testing routines follow well-established and standardized methodologies. All critical parameters are measured, logged, corroborated against standards applicable for the market/segment.
Our NABL accredited laboratory houses sum of the best equipment in the world. This includes mechanical testing, SEM, chemical test, fatigue test(CFT, RFT, Biaxial-2ways) for a variety of end-use applications.

Enhancing productivity

Our R&D engineers go beyond creating products from readily available material. We engage with suppliers and scientists to update our knowledge, co-developing raw material for new-age applications.
Over six decades, we have persistently enhanced our manufacturing processes through scientific approaches. Our innovative process for rim and disc production thereby optimizing material usage and reducing waste.

Engineering the finest wheels, air suspension products, energy equipment, hydraulic cylinders, and more.

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At Wheels India, we keep challenging the status quo to be bound by constraints. We passionately create products and processes that cement our company’s stature as a true leader in the industry.

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