Nurturing win-win partnerships

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Wheels India engages with suppliers of the highest calibre. We collaborate with our suppliers to leverage our professional approach in the sourcing process to bring in world-class products for our customers

Our expectations

We rely on our suppliers to obtain products and services that conform to our quality expectations and delivery timelines. Our vendors contribute to Wheels India’s Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) initiatives, by adhering to guidelines, standards, and legal provisions (statutory / governmental rules & regulations) on sustainability and occupational safety.

Our process

Our vendor engagement practices are open, ethical, and well-established. Supplier onboarding is based on an exhaustive assessment of their capabilities, with an objective rating of qualitative and quantitative factors. We register suppliers of raw materials, subcontractors, and service providers in our ERP system to streamline ordering and supply chain processes.

Open Tenders

We’re always looking for suppliers par excellence

We keep signing up new suppliers to cater to Wheels India’s rapid growth and successful diversification strategies. We invite organizations with proven capabilities to be our partners in our endeavours. Come, embark on a successful journey with us.

Partner with the engineering experts

We’re constantly raising the bar on engineering excellence. Our research capabilities, manufacturing competence, and world-class facilities are perfectly aligned to deliver products of outstanding quality.