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Dump truck body

Dump truck body

  • Tonnage 60T to 100T
  • Materials Used Hardox 400, Hardox 450, Domex 550
  • Manufacture to Print
  • Customizations Provided : Liner Plates, Side Boards, 3 Pc
  • Design to requirement

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  • Single piece drop centre wheels up to 25 inch for back hoes, skid steers and other industrial applications
  • 3 piece designs in 25 inch for small wheel loaders, graders and other light and medium duty applications
  • 5 piece designs in 25 inch through 57 inch for large wheel loaders, dump trucks and other heavy duty applications
  • Demountable and disc-type wheels are available in multi-piece designs
  • Wheels and rims designed to meet ITTAC, ETRTO, T&RA, JIS requirements
  • Both tubed and tubeless designs are available.
  • Machined O ring grooves for better air tightness
  • Machined lock ring groove for improved safety and performance
  • All circumferential and butt welds are cleared after NDT tests to eliminate potential weld problems
  • High strength steel and ring forged parts are available as option for critical parts to enhance fatigue life.
  • Heavy duty back sections and bead seat rings for 51 and 57 inch for enhanced life
  • We can do custom design of wheels based on customer requirements

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